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Customized Cakes

Customized cakes are modern day baking classics. They are cakes that are beyond the usual traditional baking craft of a baker. They consist of improved flavour, cream, icing, and even flowers just to point to a unique detail of the baking craft. Customized cakes are artworks of a skilled baker. Basically, they are cakes out of the ordinary.

Many often talk about the costs of baking a customized cake. Customized cakes are not just about flour and sugar which of course are the fundamentals of cake baking, but are way beyond that. They need special cake ingredients, flavor items and need some baking experience skills and lots of creativity.

Baking customized cake will require some patience, as some needs up to 50 hours of baking work to be invested. Sometimes, it could even need extra hands and even the opinion of other bakers because it is a purely artistic, creative and innovative work.

What are the types of customization?

To bake customize cakes, there is a need to have a theme. For example, for a wedding ceremony, you could come up with a theme such as; Romeo and Juliet lovers of ancient Shakespeare poetry. For a famous football player who is having a birthday party, for instance, a cake in the form of a football field could be made including a big chocolate soccer ball placed right on it. This is a form of customization.

Anything could serve as a theme for a cake. It could be your name, your hobbies, your friends or anything that interests you. Most of the work lies in the hands of the cake maker who must come up with something unusually beautiful, extraordinary in taste and unique in looks.

And most times, some have the picture of what they want their cakes to look like. So, if you have a proper description of what you want your cake to look like, it makes the job better.

How customized cakes bring joy to a birthday party

It doesn’t matter what the event is, a customized cake is an integral component. What makes customized cakes even unique is the creativity, originality, style and what they exemplify. So, whether it is a birthday ceremony, an anniversary celebration, a get-together or a marriage ceremony, the nature of the cake dictates the ambiance and liveliness of the occasion.

For this reason, the service of an expert baker or proven cake maker is consulted before the events are conceived. A cake is the symbol of celebration. So, instead of going for ready-made cakes, many opt for the customized ones.

Why do people go for customized cakes instead of traditional cakes?

People opt for customized cakes to spark life into the event. For example; a kid who is celebrating his fifth birthday wanted a customized cake. He went with a comic superhero theme. The cake maker who is skilled in his craft builds a cake with inspiration from the kid’s favorite superhero like superman, batman, captain marvel, etc. Likewise, the cake maker may go an extra mile in using the special ingredient in the making of the cake. These ingredients can come in the form of unique butter, flour, and flavor among others.

However, the outcome of such a cake often makes the owner, celebrant and even well-wishers to be happy. And as a result of this, you tend to see people asking about who made the cake so that they also can get customized cake for themselves.

Nonetheless, customized cakes give the perception of higher value than the usual cakes. Thought, they often come with a higher cost, but the uniqueness and creativity behind them increase their demand on a daily basis.